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Pregnant had to go home after attempting to escape


After the aborted deportation from a clinic in Mainz, the German police left a sick and pregnant woman, according to authorities, alone and in slippers at the station Hannover. The 29-year-old Iranian then followed the requirement to report back to her state residence in Ingelheim (Rhineland-Palatinate), and returned there with her one-year-old son on the train, as the district administration said today in Ingelheim. „You have to talk about this procedure,“ said Landrat Dorothea Schäfer (CDU).

Application for asylum refused, cash paid

The young mother had received the intended fine of 100 euros, said the head of the aliens department of the district, Bernd Mißkampf. According to a report of the „Allgemeine Zeitung“ a railway employee issued the missing amount of five euros for the ticket and gave her money so she could buy something to eat.

The application for asylum of the wife and her husband was rejected under Dublin rules because the family was first registered in Croatia. Policemen had taken the 29-year-old out of the hospital bed at night to take her to a deportation flight to Croatia. „The Mainz University Medical Center considers the way the deportation was carried out to be extremely questionable,“ a spokeswoman said a few days ago.

Pilot rejects carriage

After the night’s drive from Mainz to Hanover, the woman and her husband, who had been picked up from Ingelheim’s deportation prison, refused to enter the plane to Zagreb, according to Mistress. The pilot refused to transport the family. The 29-year-old was then taken to the station by the police. Already a first attempt to deport had failed in mid-September, because the family had defended itself.