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Paz de la Huerta: rape lawsuit against tartar

mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

Actress Paz de la Huerta („Boardwalk Empire“) has sued former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein for sexual assault. De la Huerta (34) accuses the 66-year-old of having raped her twice in her New York apartment in 2010, US media reported today. The lawsuit was filed yesterday at a Los Angeles court. First allegations against Weinstein had raised the actress a year ago.

In the lawsuit, de la Huerta reported another incident at a hotel near Beverly Hills, California, in January 2011. At the time, Weinstein asked her to come to his room. There he opened her door with an open bathrobe and asked her to have sex with him and another woman. De la Huerta asked Weinstein not to bother her any further and left. In revenge, he deleted her from the series „Boardwalk Empire“.
Lawyer: „Fickle personality with lively imagination“

Weinstein’s lawyer dismissed the allegations in a statement to the US media. To his knowledge, the district attorney’s office in Manhattan had rejected a lawsuit by the actress against Weinstein months ago, said Benjamin Brafman. „We also believe that her rewritten version of the events is equally absurd with the new California charges,“ the lawyer said. It is the statement of a „fickle personality with a lively imagination.“

Dozens of women accuse Weinstein of sexual offenses, including numerous well-known actresses. In New York, the ousted mogul has already been charged with rape in a criminal case. The 66-year-old has condemned in the past, but repeatedly rejected allegations of non-consensual sex