Start News Palestine finally announced ceasefire with Israel

Palestine finally announced ceasefire with Israel


Hundreds of demonstrators hit the streets of Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip on Tuesday, to celebrate an Egyptian-brokered truce with Israel. The apparent ceasefire was announced by Palestinian militant groups.

Israel has not directly confirmed the reported armistice.

The region’s latest outburst of violence began on Sunday, after a covert operation carried out by Israeli special forces inside Gaza was reportedly exposed, leaving an Israeli military officer and seven Palestinians dead, including a local Hamas commander.

The exchanges that followed were the fiercest since the Gaza war in 2014, the third between Israel and Hamas in a decade as part of the wider Israel-Palestinian conflict.

In that war, more than 2,100 Palestinians were killed in Gaza, most of them civilians, along with 66 Israeli soldiers and seven civilians in Israel.