Start News Pacific state Palau wants to ban sun creams

Pacific state Palau wants to ban sun creams


The Pacific holiday destination Palau wants to be the first country in the world to ban certain sunscreens to protect its coral reefs. A government spokesman pointed today in the capital Koror on findings that chemicals from sunscreens even small amounts of sensitive corals would kill. The ban should come into force in early 2020.

„On any given day, gallons of sunscreen leach into the ocean at the popular dive and snorkel sites of Palau,“ the spokesman said. In the future, the import or sale of prohibited sun creams should be punished with a fine of 880 euros.
Hawaii has already adopted a similar ban

The ban relates to sunscreens containing chemical agents such as oxybenzone, octocrylene and parabens. These are included in most standard brands.

The West Pacific Island State is a popular holiday destination. Especially the underwater world attracts many tourists. Prior to Palau, the state of Hawaii has already banned sunscreens harmful to corals. However, this ban should only enter into force in 2021.