Start Asia North Korea’s foreign minister Li Yong meetings with Chinese leaders

North Korea’s foreign minister Li Yong meetings with Chinese leaders


According to sources in Beijing, Lee met Foreign Minister Yang Ji – hee today with the Chinese Foreign Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister.

The two sides are reported to have heard the results of the Chinese-US summit talks, along with measures to improve relations between the two Koreas.

Lee may visit the Great Hall of the People and then meet with China’s top leadership.

Some are rumors that Foreign Minister Li will be able to meet with Chinese President Hu Jintao, who returned yesterday (6th) after finishing his overseas trip.

After arriving in Beijing yesterday after visiting Vietnam and Syria, Lee’s foreign affairs group is scheduled to return home after a two-night, three-day visit tomorrow (Tuesday).

A source said, „The purpose of the trip was to listen to the results of the US-China summit,“ Li said.

The North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman, Choi Sun-hee, met with a special representative of the Korean peninsula and vice foreign ministers of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Kungshin Anh, before the trip to Moscow for talks with North Korea, China and Russia in early October.

China, which has emphasized ‚China’s role‘, has appealed to North Korea because North Korea has not actively participated in China’s participation in negotiations for denuclearization or preferring the way in which North Korea negotiated or mediated by South Korea.

In response to this, China emphasized support for Lee’s foreign ministers‘ talks and declaration of war, and at the same time, it is highly likely to strongly urge China to participate in the process of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula while insisting on the North’s sanctions.