Start Asia Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari was also not cloned

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari was also not cloned


„The news of my demise is greatly exaggerated“ – Mark Twain, to whom the quote is attributed, recognized the power of the false death message more than 100 years ago. How such fake news can end, you know not only since dramas such as Romeo and Juliet (tragic) or the almost forgotten US comedy film „Dave“, in which the US President is replaced after a stroke by a doppelganger (funny).

These days, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari was forced to deny such conspiracy theories. No, he had not died during his several months of treatment in London last year and was replaced by an ingenuous Sudanese double named Jubril. He was also not cloned, the 75-year-old answered in a public appearance on rumors in social networks. That’s surprising. Because we know that Elvis and Michael Jackson are still alive and have been replaced by aliens by thousands of doubles around the world.

This method of withdrawal from the public is well proven. Above all, it allows a peaceful retirement. It may be natural that Buhari just did not like Elvis and Jacko aboard the alien spaceship. But this assumption would probably be exaggerated.