Start Germany New vortex around outgoing constitutional protection chief Maaßen

New vortex around outgoing constitutional protection chief Maaßen


The outgoing head of the German constitution protection, Hans-George Maaßen, provides again for political vortex. Apparently because of new controversial statements Maassen should now be put on the temporary retirement after German media reports and not as a special advisor to the Ministry of the Interior change. With this, Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) also comes under criticism again, which has long been behind Maassen.

The magazine „Spiegel“ reported that Maaßen presented himself on 18 October in a speech to the heads of European domestic intelligence services in Warsaw as victims of a conspiracy. Parts of the government would, according to the 55-year-old, after his controversial comments on the riots in Chemnitz focused on him, thereby bursting the government.

„Left Radical Forces in Government“

There are in the government „radical leftist forces“, which had been against the coalition with the Union from the beginning, cited the „mirror“ further from the manuscript of the Maaßen speech. These had tried in cooperation with parts of the opposition and the media to use it as a vehicle to break the coalition.

„The statements of Mr. Maaßen are known to the BMI and are currently being examined,“ said a spokesman for the Interior Ministry yesterday. After completion of the examination, Minister of the Interior Seehofer will „draw the necessary conclusions“.

Maaßen had come in the summer because of an interview in the criticism in which he had questioned the authenticity of a video for the right-wing riots in Chemnitz in August and denied that there were hunts. His contacts with AfD politicians had also caused irritations. In the coalition of CDU, CSU and SPD Maaßen caused violent conflicts.