Start Europe New theory to Khashoggi: body dissolved in acid

New theory to Khashoggi: body dissolved in acid


The body of killed Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi may have been dissolved in acid. The Turkish law enforcement agencies are currently pursuing this theory, the US daily Washington Post reported yesterday citing an unnamed Turkish government official.

„Khashoggi’s remains did not have to be buried,“ the official was quoted as saying. The Turkish judiciary had announced on Wednesday to the state of the investigation, the 59-year-old government critic was strangled shortly after entering the consulate of his country and then his body was dismembered.

Khashoggi had gone to the Istanbul consulate of his homeland on October 2 to pick up a document for his wedding, but did not come out again. There is a suspicion that the Saudi Arabian crown prince Mohammed bin Salman had the prominent journalist murdered.