Start America Most of the arrested migrants come from Honduras

Most of the arrested migrants come from Honduras


c the television station Televisa. Most of the arrested migrants come from Honduras.

Hundreds of migrants tried to illegally cross the border with the United States on Sunday in the Mexican border town of Tijuana. On the US side, 42 migrants were arrested in the border section around San Diego, according to the US Border Guard.

The Mexican Ministry of the Interior announced thereafter to deport the persons involved in the disturbances immediately. US President Donald Trump called for a consistent crackdown on Mexico and threatened again with a complete closure of the border.

On Sunday, chaotic scenes on the border between the US and Mexico had played out: hundreds of migrants moved in Tijuana to the border posts of San Ysidro and El Chaparral. The Mexican police tried in vain to stop them. The US authorities closed the transition for several hours. According to US data, San Ysidro is the most frequented border crossing in the Western Hemisphere.

The head of the US Border Patrol in the local section around San Diego, Rodney Scott said on Monday that migrants had thrown border guards partly with stones. They had to use tear gas to protect themselves. Many migrants have made it to the US side of the border. Most of them are adult men.

The Mexican Interior Ministry said a group of nearly 500 people were trying to cross the border. 98 people were imprisoned after the riots and would now be deported.

In theory, Mexico may deport all migrants who are in the country without an entry permit. Most of the migrant groups had crossed the border between Mexico and Guatemala without the necessary papers. According to the Ministry of the Interior, around 8200 people are currently traveling from Central America in Mexico. Around 7400 of them were last in Mexicali and Tijuana. In Tijuana, more than 4,700 migrants currently live in a sports complex. The city has therefore proclaimed a „humanitarian emergency“.

Already several weeks ago, the migrant groups from Central America had set out for the USA – especially from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. They flee from violence, misery and economic hardship in their homeland and want to ask for asylum in the US.

The harsh back pressure of the migrants met with criticism. Acting on the borderline with tear gas against unarmed families was a „new low,“ wrote Hawaiis Democratic Senator Brian Schatz on Twitter. The aid and human rights organization Medico International complained that it was hard to believe „that a few thousand people from the world’s poorest regions seeking a better life should pose a threat to the US.“