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Ministry of the Interior plans new rules for rejected

(171018) -- ATHENS, Oct. 18, 2017 (Xinhua) -- Refugees wait to be transferred at the Athens International Airport in Athens, Greece, on Oct. 18, 2017. The latest group of 234 refugees was transferred from Greece to France on Wednesday as part of the EU refugee relocation program with the support of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Greek national news agency AMNA reported. (Xinhua/Marios Lolos)

Ministry of the Interior plans new rules for rejected asylum seekers According to a report, migrants obliged to leave the country should in future be required to report at night. In case of violations, therefore, imprisonment could be ordered.

According to a newspaper report, the Federal Ministry of the Interior wants to facilitate deportations with new rules. To the proposals count a nocturnal reporting duty, reports the picture on Sunday, citing a corresponding document. In the future, migrants who have to leave the Community in a collective accommodation would have to deregister if they left their accommodation between midnight and six in the morning. In the case of a breach of this obligation to report, imprisonment should be possible.

In Hesse and Lower Saxony, there is already such a so-called night time directive, as the report says. According to the assessment of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the increased use of such decrees was necessary „in order to effectively counter the phenomenon of submersion“.

In addition, according to the report, the Ministry of the Interior suggests that migrants in pick-up and return centers should pick up their mail only with a chip card. This register, when rejected asylum seekers have received the deportation notice.

Agreements should also be made with airlines on how to increase the places for deportations. Air tickets for this purpose should be made in the future without specific assignment of persons as a „no-name booking“ quoted the image on Sunday from the Ministry paper. If a refugee submerges before being deported, another person can be sent on board.

In collective housing and anchor centers, it is planned that doctors will be hired instead of only working day-to-day as usual today. This should allow rejected asylum seekers to test their ability to travel faster, the report says.