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Michelle Obama settles with Trump

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Former First Lady Michelle Obama expects in her memoirs with the acting US President Donald Trump, the successor of her husband Barack Obama. She will never forgive Trump for questioning publicly that her husband is a US citizen at all.
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The allegations were crazy and mean. Fanaticism and xenophobia are hard to miss, Obama said in an interview with broadcaster ABC broadcast on Friday before the publication of Obama’s memoir.

„What if someone with a fragile psyche loads his rifle and goes to Washington. What if someone is looking for our girls. Donald Trump, with his reckless insinuations, exposed my entire family to a security risk. I’ll never forgive him, „Obama writes in a 426-page biography from which the“ Washington Post „and the CNN broadcaster reported on Friday. The book is due to be released this Tuesday in the US.

In three major chapters, Obama writes about her life in Chicago, how she started a family with husband Barack and how she experienced her life as a public person. Obama talks about her miscarriage for the first time: „I felt like a failure because I did not know how common miscarriages are, and because we do not talk about it.“ Her two daughters are the result of in vitro fertilization. In the process, the seeds and oocyte are united in one laboratory.

Obama also writes that her marriage to the politician Barack was not always easy: „Marriage counseling was a way for us to learn how to talk about our differences.“ She also wanted other couples who were struggling with her marriage, encourage it.

Violent with anger at Trump’s Hollywood tape

A large part of the biography also takes the review of the presidential election campaign of 2007. She knew that it would be hard, but she was not prepared for critics who called her „unpatriotic“ and „angry black woman.“ „I was a woman, black and strong, which some people have just translated with anger.“ What hit them most had been the constant false accusations that her husband had secretly been a Muslim and was born abroad.

With the incumbent president, she goes to court several times in other places. Her body had shaken with anger when she heard the sound recordings Trump bragged about, how he had passed on to women.
Surprised by Frauenzuspruch to Trump

She also remembers how Trump stalked his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton during a campaign debate. Trump had followed Clinton across the stage at that time and stood behind her. Trump has tried to downsize Clinton’s presence, writes Obama. His message was: „I can hurt you and get away with it.“

Obama also reveals what she felt about Trump’s election on November 8, 2016. She was surprised that so many women preferred a misogynist to an exceptionally qualified candidate. She had tried to crowd out Trump’s choice.
„Wickedness rejects me“

Obama also makes it clear that she will not run for the Democrats in the November 2020 presidential election. „I’ve never been a fan of politics, and my experience over the past decade has done little to change that. The meanness keeps repelling me. „Michelle Obama continues to be popular with the Democrats. Some hoped that she would face Trump in 2020. However, Obama has made it clear several times that she will not stand for election.