Start Europe Merkel calls for tackling problems together

Merkel calls for tackling problems together


On Wednesday, she was just right in the budget debate in the Bundestag. Alice Weidel is under pressure for her donation scandal, the prosecutor investigates. The general debate on the draft budget of the federal government on Wednesday took advantage of the AfD group leader to reject the allegations against them and to distribute tips against the CDU and SPD and the immigration policy of the Chancellor – instead of talking about the actual topic of the debate.

Angela Merkel, as the next speaker, countered the rant by Weidel with only one sentence and thus brought the other delegates to their places to boast and applaud:

Merkel calls for tackling problems together

After the latest laughter over the entry into Merkel’s speech faded, the Chancellor spoke mainly on two topics: digitization and the controversial UN migration pact, which should be sealed at a UN summit in Morocco on 10 and 11 December

According to Merkel, the Pact for Migration is the right answer to solve global problems internationally as well. „The refugee crisis has shown how important it is to solve flight as well as migration in the context of the international context and not to believe that any country could do it alone,“ said the CDU chief. „The European Union is a multilateral project that has brought freedom of movement and prosperity. No country should look at itself or act in isolation: „German interest means always thinking of others as well. That is the success of Europe. That is the success of a multilateral world. “

Important topics for the future and a plea for international cohesion on the issue of migration and refugees – Merkel could not have shown more clearly what distinguishes her politically from an Alice Weidel.