Start America Man in Texas was seeking victims for cannibalism

Man in Texas was seeking victims for cannibalism

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Using a search engine in the darknet, a man in the US was looking for a young girl to kill, disgrace, and then eat. The 21-year-old from Texas, Texas, was arrested after a police officer falsely offered him his daughter for the crime, police said in Florida yesterday.

He is now threatened, among other things, with charges of conspiracy to commit a capital offense and possibly life imprisonment.
On offer of police officers entered

In the darknet, a hard-to-reach part of the Internet, a Florida policeman had come across the Texan’s search ad. „I would like to try desecration and cannibalism and see what it feels like to kill someone,“ it said. The policeman then contacted the sender and pretended to want to provide his underage daughter.

The man responded and wrote to the officer, „I’m not interested in role-playing games. I really want to rape, kill and commit cannibalism. “

The policeman then traveled to Texas and arrested the 21-year-old in mid-October. The suspect was glad, according to police, about his arrest. He said he would not have been in control and implemented his plan otherwise.