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Macedonia’s ex-prime minister sought by warrant


Yesterday, the Macedonian Ministry of the Interior issued an arrest warrant for former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski. The politician had previously not arrived on time in that penal institution near Skopje, in which he should have taken a two-year prison sentence.

From 2006 to 2016, Gruevski was the authoritarian ruling prime minister of the small Balkan country. In May, a court in Skopje sentenced him to two years‘ imprisonment for illegally procuring a luxury car for the government and paying commissions.
Numerous other charges

The Special Prosecutor’s Office filed numerous other charges against him. He is said to have illegally intercepted tens of thousands of citizens, awarded public contracts to minions and driven political opponents into ruin with the help of the authorities.

The politician now wanted by arrest warrant is still a member of parliament of his former ruling party VMRO-DPMNE. An attempt by the government majority to deprive him of the parliamentary mandate failed last week in the absence of the necessary two-thirds majority.