Start News „Le Cost Killer“

„Le Cost Killer“


First, he rehabilitated Nissan, then he took over at Renault, eventually he continued with the colleagues of Mitsubishi. In Japan, they were so impressed that Carlos Ghosn had saved the car icon Nissan from bankruptcy and even made him the hero of a manga comic.

The manga hero Ghosn, who has Brazilian, French and Lebanese nationality, allegedly speaks seven languages, who had formed with the brand association Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi one of the world’s largest automakers and is considered the most powerful car manager at all, had always prevailed. He has renovated hard and cut costs, but not with one: with himself.

The 64-year-old received last year, 7.4 million euros as Renault CEO; for the top job with Nissan, which he gave in 2017, he was referred another 9.2 million euros. Two car makers, double salary – exorbitantly much? The manager would argue that keeping such companies together, between which 10,000 kilometers and plenty of water, is a reasonable salary.

Prison instead of luxury apartment
Now you might think, with 17 million euros a year would actually come quite well over the rounds. For a global auto manager like Ghosn, things may be different: after months of research, it has been discovered that Ghosn has used corporate funds for private purposes and over the years for too low a statement on his income, according to Nissan. Among other things, there are reports in Japan about real estate financed by Nissan and where Ghosn could live for free.