Start Germany Kretschmann irritates Greens: Politicians want to send fugitive refugees „into the pampas“

Kretschmann irritates Greens: Politicians want to send fugitive refugees „into the pampas“


Before the Green party congress, Baden-Württemberg’s Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann irritated his party. He makes with utterances to „men hordes“, which are to be sent „in the Pampa“, for frown.

Baden-Württemberg’s Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann wants to keep refugees who commit crimes in groups, away from major cities and distribute them in the country. „You have to separate such groups and place them in different places“, said the Green politician of the „Heilbronner Stimme“ and the „Mannheimer Morgen“.

The idea of ​​sending some of them „into the pampas“ was not wrong. „Big cities are attractive for such people because of their anonymity and because they meet like-minded people there,“ said the head of government. At the Green party congress in Leipzig, where asylum policy was the topic on Saturday, it was irritating.

„Put simply, the most dangerous thing that human evolution has produced is young hordes of men. Such testosterone-driven groups can always do evil, „said Kretschmann. The rape in Freiburg is a bad example, said Kretschmann with a view to the alleged gang rape of an 18-year-olds in the city in Breisgau. There, an 18-year-old student is said to have been raped after a disco visit by several men. Eight suspects are in custody – seven Syrians and an old German.

„This is not our language, this radical language“

The Green Party’s CEO, Michael Kellner, was astonished at the wording of the first and only Green Prime Minister. Kretschmann repeatedly comes up against criticism in the party with conservative views. He recommended a more „national language,“ Kellner said. „This is not our language, this radical language.“ He reads Kretschmanns push but also as confirmation of the green position against anchor centers in which „many many people are kaserniert in one place“.

The interview of the Baden-Wuerttemberg comes across in the party also because of the choice of the date of its publication frowning. The Greens will adopt their election program for the European elections in May 2019 this weekend. On Saturday morning, the topics security, asylum and migration were on the agenda. In addition, in the morning, EU parliamentarians Ska Keller and Sven Giegold were to be crowned the top candidates of the German Greens for the European elections. Kretschmann is not in Leipzig, reason are long-term planned other appointments, it said.

Tübingen’s Lord Mayor Boris Palmer had demanded on Facebook to accommodate violent refugees in „secure state facilities“ in „remote areas“. Also this advance from Baden-Wuerttemberg had arrived badly with many Greens.

„Women are not raped by alcohol“

The women’s spokeswoman for the Greens, Gesine Agena, was also on the alleged gang rape in Freiburg. The police chief there had „certainly meant well“ warned against alcohol. „Women are not raped by alcohol,“ Agena said. „Women are being raped by men.“ Neither a marriage crash nor a traumatic escape experience could justify violence against women.

For most of the conflicting passages and amendments, the requesting commission had already negotiated compromises before the debate started. Including the passage „The right to asylum is not negotiable. Even if not all who come can stay. „

The two sentences are now a few paragraphs apart – the first message stands for itself, later it says: „Every person on the run is entitled to a fair asylum procedure, even if this does not lead to all for a residence permit. Not all who come can stay. „Ex-Party leader Claudia Roth, who was one of many who demanded a change, can live well with that.