Start America Kim had expressed his willingness to nuclear disarmament there

Kim had expressed his willingness to nuclear disarmament there

Victoria_Borodinova / Pixabay

According to state media, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un witnessed the test of a newly developed high-tech weapon in the internationally isolated country. Kim visited a National Defense Institute test site for this purpose, Yonhap South Korea news agency reported Thursday, citing reports from state-owned North Korean media.

Details of the weapon were therefore not made – but the test had been successful. „The state-of-the-art weapon, which has long been developed under the leadership of our Party’s dynamic leadership, completely protects our territory and greatly enhances the fighting strength of our people’s army,“ the North Koreans said, according to Yonhap.

US President Donald Trump has spoken regularly of major progress in negotiations with North Korea. In June, he met with North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong Un in Singapore for a historic summit. Kim had expressed his willingness to nuclear disarmament there. So far, however, he has made no concrete commitments as to when and how his existing nuclear weapons and rocket arsenal should be dismantled. Also, it is still unclear what the consideration of the US look like. In the next few months, there will be a second meeting Trump with Kim.

Recently, the think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies has reported on at least 13 secret missile installations in North Korea. Satellite imagery would show that most of these facilities are located in mountainous areas that are difficult to see.