Start America Kanye West apologizes for rude behavior

Kanye West apologizes for rude behavior


US rapper Kanye West (41) has been reprimanded by a performer on the new „Cher Show“ on Broadway for his behavior during the premiere.

Jarred Spector wrote on his Twitter account on Monday night (local time): „Hey Kanye West, it’s cool you’re on our ‚The Cher Show‘! If you look up from your phone, you’ll see a show going on. It’s premiere, a big deal for us. Thank you“.

Kanye West had attended the premiere of the new musical with wife Kim Kardashian (38). In his response to Spector’s reprimand, he assured the entire show team that the performance had touched him deeply: „The dynamics of Cher and Suny’s relationship have so moved Kim and me to hold each other’s hands and sing ‚I got you babe‘ , Please excuse my lack of etiquette. We have the highest respect for you and your energy, which you put in this piece. “

„The Cher Show“ with 35 songs by the pop icon will officially start on December 5th at the Neil Simon Theater in New York.