Start Asia „Jueying“ robot that can run and climb stairs.

„Jueying“ robot that can run and climb stairs.


Zhejiang University in East China on Tuesday introduced a four-legged robot that can run and climb stairs.
The new robot „Jueying“, a small quadruped that can lift 20 kilograms of heavy objects, is one meter long, 60 centimeters high and weighs 70 kilograms. The robot is fully electric, has an operating time of about two hours and can run at a top speed of just over six kilometers per hour.

„The new ‚jueying‘ can handle clashes better because he seeks balance and regains mobility while walking,“ said Zhu Qiuguo, one of Jueying’s key developers at Zhejiang University.

The new robot also has excellent off-road capability and stability. „We’ve adjusted the robot’s controls so that it can respond to stress immediately to deal with an emergency.“ Li Chao, member of the jueying team.

The first generation of „Jueying“ was launched in February of this year and is considered the representative of the latest quadruped robot technology in Asia. The technology will be used in future for security controls, logistics, education and research.