Start Asia Japan misses one of its islands

Japan misses one of its islands

DeltaWorks / Pixabay

Curious incident in Japan: The Asian island state has indeed lost a piece of his country. Find out here what it’s all about.

A tiny island off the coast in northern Japan has disappeared. It is believed that the uninhabited island „Esanbe Hanakita Kojima“ is located about 500 meters from a village called Sarufutsu near Hokkaido.
Island „Esanbe Hanakita Kojima“ disappeared

It was originally thought that the island is about one and a half meters above sea level. But now scientists have difficulties finding the island on navigation systems.

CNN reports that the disappearance of the island was not noticed until after a man named Hiroshi Shimizu wanted to travel there and get inspired for a book. He could not find the island.

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Much is unknown about the island, reportedly registered in 1987 by the Japanese Coast Guard. It is not unlikely that an island will disappear, it is said. Just recently, an island of Hawaii had completely disappeared.