Start News Ivanka Trump’s e-mail affair…

Ivanka Trump’s e-mail affair…


US President Donald Trump has defended his daughter Ivanka after her violations of the White House’s e-mail policy. She had sent to the start of her time as a consultant in the White House, in part, business mails from a private e-mail account. The President said that these emails were not classified as confidential. His daughter had also deleted any mails or tried to hide them later. Besides, she did not use her own mail server.

All this is therefore by no means comparable with the violations of his rival in the presidential race 2016, Hillary Clinton. The assessments that there are parallels between the two cases, Donald Trump described as false reports: „These are all fake news.“

The Washington Post reported on Monday that Ivanka Trump sent hundreds of business e-mails from a private account in the early days of the White House – in many cases violating government center policies. The newspaper quoted Ivanka Trump’s spokesman Peter Mirijanian, who admitted to the partial use of the private account. This was done before Ivanka Trump was informed about the rules for dealing with e-mails.

Critics consider this argument unbelievable – especially because the email affair around Hillary Clinton was one of the main themes of the Trump campaign.

Democrats want to pursue the case – but no „spectacle“

The opposition Democrats announced in the case now a parliamentary inquiry. Representative Elijah Cummings said on Tuesday that the House Supervision Committee will look into the matter. After winning a majority in the House of Representatives in the congressional elections on November 6, the Democrats will take over the chairmanship of the committees in January.

The investigation into the email affair should check whether Ivanka Trump violated the law, said Cummings. It should be about preventing such rule violations in the future. But he does not want to make the case of Ivanka Trump a „spectacle,“ as the Republicans would have done with Hillary Clinton.