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Italy’s antitrust authorities stop Ryanair and Wizz Air

fak1911 / Pixabay

The Italian antitrust authorities are stopping Ryanair and Wizz Air, who want to introduce new carry-on fees as of today. Hand luggage is an essential part of the ticket, the agency reported last night. Paid hand luggage represents a distortion of the real price for the journey.

Airlines now have to inform the Authority within five days of the measures they should take to comply with the decision. The investigation against the two airlines had been initiated following a complaint by Italian consumer protection associations. They welcomed the decision of the cartel authority.

Until now, customers were able to have their suitcases or other carry-on bags checked in at the gate at the standard rate. Up to ten kilos and to a certain extent hand luggage was so far free of charge. From 1 November passengers who have booked the normal fare, should have brought only a single, small piece of hand luggage to the gate.

A second piece of luggage should have been checked in for a fee. However, due to the decision of the Italian antitrust authorities, these tariffs can not be introduced today.