Start Europe Italy budget: Mattarella calls Rome to dialogue with EU

Italy budget: Mattarella calls Rome to dialogue with EU

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Italian Head of State Sergio Mattarella has called on the government in Rome to engage in „constructive dialogue“ with the European institutions. This dialogue is necessary given the EU Commission’s assessments of the Italian budget law, Mattarella said in a letter to the government.

In light of today’s parliamentary debate on the draft budget, Mattarella emphasized that the budget plan should defend the savings of Italians, promote family and business confidence and protect Italy from financial instability.

Brussels sent a letter to the Italian Ministry of Economic Affairs on Tuesday requesting statements on Italy’s debt reduction plans. Italy has until 13th November to submit modified plans. Finally, the Commission had asked Rome to provide reasons why the budget plans deviated from the EU rules.

A commission spokesman said that was not uncommon, such letters have been in the past. On Monday, the euro finance ministers will discuss the Italian budget plans.