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It is a dramatic appeal by the Ukrainian admiral to Vladimir Putin to release his soldiers!


The Commander of the Ukrainian Naval Forces, Igor Vorontshenko, wants to go to Russian prison instead of his seamen – when Putin releases his men for it.

Vorontshenko said yesterday at the Naval Headquarters in Odessa to BILD: „It breaks my heart when I see my soldiers, who are illegally detained by Russia. I would be prepared to go to Russian jail instead of Putin if Putin releases my 24 men. “

The Ukrainian soldiers were attacked ten days ago by Russian forces in the Kerch Strait and subsequently arrested. Most recently, they were publicly presented in Russia and they should be brought to trial. EU leaders call for the immediate release of Ukrainian soldiers, but so far without succes

Vorontshenko was stationed as Admiral in 2014 in Crimea when the peninsula was annexed by Russia. At that time Vorontshenko had been detained by the Russian army for several days because he did not want to overrun the Russian army.

While Vorontshenko offers to exchange, the mothers of captured Ukrainian soldiers have launched an initiative and want to ask Chancellor Angela Merkel in a letter for help.

The Admiral from Odessa also sees Merkel as a supporter. Vorontshenko to BILD: „I am grateful for what Merkel has already done for us. If there is a chance now and Putin is ready for it, I stand ready to be interchanged and go to Russian jail. “

The admiral believes that Putin wants to „permanently destabilize Ukraine“: „In 2014 they did not get what Putin wanted. In other words, supplying the Crimea is difficult and Putin will continue to try to hit nearby areas. That can always happen completely unexpectedly. „