Start Europe Is Emmanuel Macron to blame?

Is Emmanuel Macron to blame?


The protests in the Parisian noble districts are reminiscent of earlier popular revolutions. Is President Emmanuel Macron to blame? A comment.

The riotous scenes in the posh districts are reminiscent of earlier popular revolts on the Paris cobblestones. Is Emmanuel Macron to blame? His tax increase on gasoline and diesel can be justified ecologically, the reduction of property tax should increase the willingness to invest in the country and fight unemployment. However, these projects are only justified if they are fair in terms of fiscal policy. Even the low-income earners would have had to benefit from a tax cut. The eco-tax, for example, is affecting the poorer rural population, who depend on the car for work.

The receipt receives Macron from all sides: Right yellow vests mobilize against the tax increase, left against the privileges of elites. This leads to a dangerous alliance: ultra-right and ultra-left went together in Paris to the point. The anger of the more peaceful yellow vests also focuses on Macron. In fact, it has deeper reasons: France suffers from massive social inequality between the elites and the province. In one, however, the French president is right: violence is unacceptable. Of these, the „gilets jaunes“ have to distance themselves. Otherwise, the protests will only leave losers behind.