Start America Is Apple Production Backing for New iPhone Models?

Is Apple Production Backing for New iPhone Models?


In recent weeks, the company has reduced production orders for both the top models iPhone XS and XS Max as well as for the somewhat cheaper iPhone XR. This is what the Wall Street Journal writes on Monday. Already two weeks ago, the Japanese business paper „Nikkei“ reported order cuts on the iPhone XR.

Such reports have cropped up again and again in the past – and have often been refuted by Apple’s official sales figures. Although the iPhone maker never gives information on the sale of individual models – but the development of the average iPhone price gave an indication of the demand for more expensive new devices.

In this year’s Christmas business, however, things will be different: The US group will no longer comment on the sales figures, but only provide information on sales. As with rivals like Samsung, it will rely on expert estimates.

Disappointed analysts

Apple had already disappointed the analysts with the presentation of current business figures with the sales forecast for the current Christmas business.

In the case of the iPhone XR, at the end of October Apple reduced the production order for several manufacturers of originally around 70 million devices by up to one third by February 2019, writes the Wall Street Journal. Last week, the company then informed suppliers about a further cut, they say.

Apple has also pointed out in similar reports in the past that the supply chain is very large and that one should not draw far-reaching conclusions based on information from some parts of it.

XR model is 300 francs cheaper

The iPhone XR has the design of the top model XS, but is 300 euros cheaper with a price from 849 euros. It only has one main camera instead of two, like the XS and the bigger XS Max, and a cheaper LCD screen instead of an OLED screen.

Analysts initially thought that the XR model released at the end of October will have a large share of iPhone sales this Christmas season.