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Innogy wants to take acid attacker with reward


The acid attack on the Innogy CFO Bernhard Günther is almost 9 months back, end of September, the prosecutor Wuppertal had closed its investigation. In order to clarify the case after all, Innogy has now suspended a reward of up to 80,000 euros for clues to the perpetrators. At the same time, the prosecutor had promised to resume the proceedings, should new investigation approaches arise, the Essen energy provider said on Monday. Therefore, the Innogy board now with the request for clues to the „cowardly attack“ to the public, it said in the message.

At the beginning of March, two unknown persons had attacked the manager after jogging on Sunday morning near his home in Haan near Düsseldorf and doused with acid. The perpetrators then fled unrecognized. Günther was able to escape home on foot and inform an ambulance and the police. It was determined in all directions, it was said by the prosecutor. But so far without result.

Even the motives are still unknown, even if they are to be found in private or professional environments. After the resignation of the CEO and a capping of the profit forecast Innogy was then in heavy turbulence. The case had caused quite a stir, and several companies tightened their security. Probably that is why Innogy does not want to let the attitude of the investigation on itself.

The then 51-year-old Günther was seriously injured in the attack and was lucky that he kept his eyesight. After a long hospital stay and many weeks of recovery, he returned to work again in mid-May: initially, however, only during a telephone conference on the quarterly figures. With public appearances he is still reserved. His face is drawn; He gets to feel that the people responded to his sight, said Günther in the summer.

The wanted posters are to be posted in Haan and in surrounding cities. On it you can see the locked crime scene in a park. Innogy does not want to intervene in the investigation, but calls to inform the police or to contact the Düsseldorf lawyer Sascha Kuhn from the law firm Simmons & Simmons. Absolute discretion is assured, hints would also be received anonymously. He had not given up hope that the perpetrators would be caught, said Günther the „Bild“ newspaper. An enlightenment „would help me deal with the consequences of the attack“.