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In terms of climate protection, Germany has slipped in comparison to other countries


In the climate protection index of several environmental organizations, the Federal Republic ranks 27th, behind countries such as Slovakia, Romania or India. Sweden is at the top, followed by Morocco and Lithuania.

As in previous years, however, the first three places remain empty. Germanwatch, CAN Europe and the New Climate Institute believe that no country is exemplary enough for a place on the climate protection podium. Laggards are Iran, the USA and Saudi Arabia.

Representatives from almost 200 countries are currently discussing rules for the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement in Katowice, Poland, with the aim of limiting global warming below two degrees.

Last year, Germany was ranked 22nd out of 56 individual states and the EU. „The relatively poor performance in the greenhouse gas category is mainly due to the fact that Germany is still one of the largest consumers of lignite,“ write the authors. If in the coming year the decision for an ambitious coal exit falls, this could bring the country in the index „crucially forward“.

Climateists also criticize the fact that investments in green power plants have recently declined and that there is no adequate strategy for a climate-neutral transport sector. (AP)