Start Europe In Paris, there will be no diesel cars

In Paris, there will be no diesel cars

Spongeldn / Pixabay

In Germany, driving bans are still controversial. Elsewhere in Europe they have long been everyday – and some plans are very ambitious.

Berlin. The driving bans on diesel vehicles in cities, which are controversial in Germany, have already been applied in many European cities. According to a dpa survey, there are already restrictions in several Western EU capitals – some of them for years. For some major cities, there are also very far-reaching plans.

In Spain, the first driving ban was imposed just over a year ago. In the heavily polluted Greek capital of Athens, a so-called rotating traffic ban has been in place since the early 1980s. In Rome, as well as in many other Italian cities, a special permit is required for trips to the city center.
Proportionality principle

The Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo wants to ban vehicles with combustion engines gradually out of the city. Although there are no driving restrictions in the UK, parts of central London are subject to tolls. Diesel bans are being discussed in the three Scandinavian capitals, but they are not yet settled.