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Ikea takes hot dog sausages from the assortment


The Swedish furniture giant Ikea temporarily banishes one of its most popular classics from its product range: In the German branches, there will be no hot dog sausages from the supplier Goldschmaus for the time being. This has the ARD magazine „fact“ researched.

Ikea reacts to the slaughterhouse scandal in Oldenburg. It can not be ruled out that the beef in the sausages comes from the mine closed for animal cruelty.
Although the beef content in the hot dog sausages of Ikea is low, but as a precaution stopped his deliveries.
This is the slaughterhouse scandal of Oldenburg

The Association German Animal Protection Office had shown videos that should have been taken with a hidden camera in a slaughterhouse in Oldenburg. The pictures show how cattle are not professionally stunned and killed consciously. The animal rights activists have filed criminal charges against the company. The prosecution determined.
The slaughterhouse confirmed the allegations in principle. „We do not doubt the authenticity of the pictures, nor do we want to talk down the incidents,“ the company announced shortly after the videos were revealed. The German animal protection bureau called for the closure of the plant. The documented conditions are so serious that action must be taken immediately. As a result, the slaughterhouse actually ceased operations.
Not only Ikea stops meat deliveries

The scandal cost the court next Ikea even more customers: Aldi South and North, Lidl, Edeka and Norma took products of the company from the shelves.
Also McDonald’s got over a year and a half beef from the slaughterhouse in Oldenburg. The business relationship has not existed since the end of 2017.