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How to Overcome Laziness


Conflict of our “must” with our “want” – when we do things that are not desirable for us.
Intuitive feeling of uselessness of the currently executed task.
Laziness can complicate our lives. When doing even the most basic actions, such as cleaning and washing dishes, is associated with non-human effort of will, it is time to think about how to overcome laziness. So, here are five proven ways to.

1. Start off small.
Starting with little things, you help yourself “warm up” to cheer up and gain strength for larger, more significant achievements. This may be a shopping trip to the nearest store or doing some physical exercise.

2. Reward yourself.
The method is very effective in the struggle with laziness! Determine for yourself an amount of work, and then set a reward – coffee with candy or a 15-minute break.

3. Divide the goal into steps.
When the target is visible, the way to it takes much less time. Any task can be broken down into smaller subtasks. To increase the efficiency of this method combine it with the previous one – do not forget to reward yourself after achieving each sub-goal.

4. Make up a schedule.
Another effective way to combat laziness is setting a clear time frame: 5 minutes on checking the mail or 20 minutes on the social network, two hours on performing a specific task. The more your schedule, the better this method will work.

5. Motivate yourself.
One of the ways of motivation is to clearly imagine the consequences (both positive and negative) of a done or non-done task. This will help not only defeat the laziness, but also set priorities.