Start United States „House of Cards“ finale: Now ruled by Claire Underwood

„House of Cards“ finale: Now ruled by Claire Underwood


Today is the sixth and final season of the successful Netflix series „House of Cards“ – without Kevin Spacey in the role of unscrupulous Frank Underwood. After Frank’s death, his equally unscrupulous wife Claire, played by Robin Wright, takes over for the final eight episodes of the political thriller. Claire, who was instrumental in Frank’s scheming rise to the post of US president, also becomes the first US female president.

„Time to bury Francis once and for all,“ Claire announces. „The first US female president will not shut up,“ she says. Claire does not want to be dictated by any man, what she should do. In the course of the ongoing „#MeToo“ discussion and allegations of sexual assault against their former lead actor Spacey, the series-makers set their strong female lead actress, whose new cabinet consists exclusively of women.
Spacey no longer in there after „#MeToo“ debate

Fans of the series wondered after Spacey’s departure, as the writers John Mankiewicz and Beau Willimon would explain the disappearance of Frank Underwood’s series. In the trailer, however, the stone was already visible on the somewhat bleak grave in which Frank was buried. The inscription reads: „Francis J. Underwood, 1959-2017, 46th President of the United States of America.“ In fact, Underwood has been murdered.

As in the previous five seasons, the last season is peppered with political intrigue: Claire has to deal with the siblings Annette (Diane Lane) and Bill Shepherd (Greg Kinnear), which belongs to a rich family of strippers from Washington. Even Annette’s ambitious son Duncan (Cody Fern) sees himself on the way to the political top and would like to get more power and influence.

In Austria, the last season – as well as in Germany – is not seen on Netflix, but on Sky.