Start America Honduras and Guatemala announce escape movement fight

Honduras and Guatemala announce escape movement fight


In view of thousands emigrants on their way to the United States, the governments of Honduras and Guatemala want to take action against the organizers of the so-called migrant caravan. This was announced by the Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez yesterday after a meeting with his Guatemalan colleague Jimmy Morales in Tegucigalpa.

„Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico and the United States should determine with high pressure against those responsible and apply the full force of the law against those who organize these hikes with political or criminal purposes and promote,“ Orlando said.

Escape from poverty and violence

Fleeing poverty and violence, thousands of people from Central America are currently moving in groups through Mexico to the north towards the United States. 2,000 refugees arrived in a stadium in the Mexican capital Mexico City until Monday morning. The authorities had set up a large reception center there and provided people with food and water. Another 3,000 refugees are expected by Wednesday, according to the National Human Rights Commission of the Latin American country.

Sender Banish Trump Spot

US President Donald Trump has made it before the congressional elections time and again to the campaign theme. He threatened to stop people on the border of soldiers if necessary. In addition, he accused the governments in Central America, not enough to do against emigration and announced the reduction of aid payments.

Meanwhile, the conservative US broadcaster Fox News and other channels banished a refugee-hostile commercial of the Trump campaign team. The commercial will no longer be shown on Fox News and on the Fox Business Network, said a leader of the Trump-affiliate broadcaster yesterday. Also the transmitter NBC and the social network Facebook withdrew the controversial video. CNN did not air the commercial and criticized it as „racist“.

In the commercial pictures of the convicted of two-time police murder in the United States Mexican Luis Bracamontes are shown. The case had also caused a stir because Bracamontes had grinned after his conviction announced to kill more police