Start America Hillary Clinton gives tips to Europe limiting immigration

Hillary Clinton gives tips to Europe limiting immigration


Although the former US presidential candidate praises the refugee policy of Angela Merkel, but advises the continent in the fight against right-wing populism but to limit immigration.

The former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has praised the refugee policy of Chancellor Angela Merkel, but at the same time called for a reduction in migration towards Europe in the fight against right-wing populism.

„I admire the very noble and compassionate approach, especially of leaders like Angela Merkel,“ said former Democratic challenger of US President Donald Trump to the British newspaper „The Guardian“.

But Europe has now done its part and must make it clear that it can no longer provide asylum and assistance. Because if you can not cope with the migration problem, it will continue to stir the community in turmoil.

„I think Europe needs to get hold of immigration because that’s what ignites the flame,“ she said. The migration infuriated voters and contributed to the election of Donald Trump and Brexit.

The immigrants were used as a political tool and as a symbol of what had gone wrong in the government