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Heather Nauert


Former television presenter Heather Nauert is reportedly the new ambassador of the United States to the United Nations, succeeding the outgoing Nikki Haley. President Donald Trump has offered the 48-year-old the post, announced the broadcaster Fox News.

The Wall Street Journal and CNN also cited government sources. „We are seriously considering it,“ the president said yesterday regarding the former presenter. Nauert was one of the most well-known faces of Fox’s news channel, which has since become Trump’s home channel. As part of a team, she hosted the popular „Fox & Friends“ breakfast format, which was controversial because of its one-sided political streak.

Under Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson, Nauert joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2017 as a spokeswoman, using the vacuum there to make an almost meteoric rise to top diplomat. As secretary of state, the mother of two sons now sits at the table in important international negotiations. Her diplomatic experience is limited to one and a half years. But she is considered highly loyal to Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo and Trump.