Start Germany Halle / Saale: Policemen drive young girl to death

Halle / Saale: Policemen drive young girl to death

aitoff / Pixabay

Police officers whose operation ended in disaster. A family mourning a girl … The shock of the tragic events of Thursday is deep in everyone involved. Who is to blame for the death of Djamila B. (15)?

Four police officers arrived at the apartment on Thursday around 7:50 am, where Djamila lived with her mother Makedia B. (37) and her brother Denis (19).

„There was a knock on the door, Djamila was still in her nightgown,“ recalls Denis. „My mother went, the peephole was locked from the outside, the officials did not say anything …“ At last Makedia B. opened the door.

According to the police, the girl escaped when the officials found out.

Denis: „She had climbed through the window of her room onto the balcony. The officers spotted my sister standing on the railing of the balcony. She tried to climb onto the neighbor’s balcony … „

According to the police, the girl was then plunged into the depths.
Denis describes this moment as follows: „Instead of saying a word or retreating, the officers rushed out onto the balcony and tried to grab them. Djamila evidently panicked and plunged into the depths … „

Who is right? The officers wore no Bodycams recording their use. The miniature cameras are only allowed in public areas.

Meanwhile, the Magdeburg police department leads a death investigation process to clarify the events. „A criminal suspicion against the officials involved in the operation is not available according to the current state of investigation,“ said police spokeswoman Beatrix Mertens yesterday BILD.

Makedia B. crying: „You can not do that … I’ve lost my beloved daughter forever.“ Her son: „We will file criminal charges against the officials.“