Start America Google is blocking Android updates for Huawei

Google is blocking Android updates for Huawei

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Because of espionage allegations, the US government has banned the trade with Huawei – and this has consequences: Android updates for Huawei devices should not exist anymore. For the users of current smartphones initially nothing changes.

Following the US government’s recent crackdown on Huawei, US giant Google has announced it will suspend its relationship with the Chinese network equipment supplier. Google complied with the decree of US President Donald Trump and examine how exactly this will affect the business relationship, the corporation said.

Google equips the vast majority of smartphones worldwide with its Android operating system. If the US company now no longer cooperates with Huawei, this has far-reaching consequences, because a steady cooperation is needed for the Android system with the respective smartphones is compatible.

Full functionality?

Google assured the owners of Huawei smartphones until further notice the full functionality. The phones that use Google’s Android operating system would continue to get access to services like Google Play (for apps and their updates) and security updates from Google Play Protect, the US company said via Twitter. The commitment explicitly referred to „existing“ Huawei devices already in use.

A Google spokesperson had previously stated that updates for Android Huawei were no longer available.

Google apparently has to stop the technology transfer with Huawei, which is not about publicly available so-called open source programs. On Huawei devices, therefore, only the open source version could run in the future.

Huawei emphasizes role in Android advancement

Huawei’s cell phones are number two in the world market behind Samsung. The Chinese group announced that it would continue to provide security updates and customer support for all smartphones and tablets sold under the company name and the Honor brand.

Huawei also stressed that in recent years, very closely involved in the further development of Android, which would have benefited customers and the smartphone industry as a whole.

China’s state and party leadership has also expressed itself briefly. The situation will continue to be closely monitored, said government spokesman Lu Kang. It wants to help Chinese companies to enforce their rights.

US government excludes Huawei

US President Trump had on Wednesday banned companies in his country from deciding to use telecommunications technology, which is considered a national security risk for the United States. He called for a national emergency in telecommunications. Huawei is considered the main objective of this measure.

The US Department of Commerce then blacklisted Huawei and 68 of its subsidiaries. The Chinese group will no longer be able to buy technology products from US companies.

The company criticized the „inappropriate restrictions“. The Ministry of Commerce in Beijing warned of a worsening of bilateral trade relations. Huawei is one of the world’s largest telecommunications and network equipment suppliers. The Group’s technology also plays an important role in the development of 5G mobile networks, which in turn should pave the way for a number of key technologies such as networked factories or autonomous vehicles.

Gateway for Chinese espionage

However, the US fears that Huawei technology may be a gateway for Chinese espionage and sabotage. Especially at the instigation of the USA, several countries recently classified the company as a potential threat to cybersecurity. In Germany too, controversy is being discussed about a possible participation of the Chinese company in the expansion of 5G networks.

Huawei himself repeatedly refers to his independence from the Chinese state. The action against the company takes place against the backdrop of the trade dispute between China and the USA.

Even Infineon reacts

After the announcement of Google, the chip maker Infineon said, for the time being, no US-made products to the Chinese mobile operator Huawei to deliver. Compliance requirements made this step necessary after the US blacklisted the Chinese group, Infineon said.

According to a spokesman for a report that Infineon discontinued all chip deliveries to the Chinese concern, „As things stand, a majority of Huawei’s products from Infineon are not subject to US export control regulations. „That is why these deliveries continue.“