Start Germany Gift on a snack shared by colleagues: process in Germany

Gift on a snack shared by colleagues: process in Germany


With poison on their lunch break a 57-year-old should have severely damaged some of his colleagues health. Today begins the trial at the German district court Bielefeld against him. The charge is for attempted murder in several cases.

Highly toxic substances on food

In unobserved moments, he is said to have scattered highly toxic substances on the food of company employees. The investigators accuse the German of having poisoned several people from March 2015 to May 2018. The prosecution believed that he wanted to observe his colleagues‘ physical deterioration. Even the 57-year-old has not commented on the allegations yet. His motive is open.

The police had deliberately examined illnesses and deaths in the company over the past decades and found 21 suspected cases. One of the sick colleagues has severe kidney damage and is dependent on dialysis, another has been in a coma for years.

After there was a first suspicion against the man, installed the management of the plant manufacturer in the East Westphalian castle Holte-Stukenbrock in consultation with the works council video surveillance. This documented the incidents.

„Conspicuously inconspicuous“

The personnel manager of the company described Klaus O. after the arrest as „remarkably inconspicuous“. The accused was 38 years at the company. At first it was assumed that a bad joke among colleagues, not from a murder attempt. No one has seen a connection to the illnesses.

Until January, the district court has scheduled five more hearings. At the start, only the prosecution will be read.