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Germany wants to identify Erdogan critic Adil Yigit


At the end of January Germany dismisses the Turkish government critic and journalist Adil Yigit. On Friday he got the notice, said Yigit (60) of dpa yesterday.

He attributes the decision to his prominent protest during a press conference by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Chancellery at the end of September.
Shirt with „freedom for journalists in Turkey“ print

At that time, the journalist living in Hamburg wore a white T-shirt with the inscription „Gazetecilere Özgürlük – freedom for journalists in Turkey“. When it came to unrest, German security forces intervened and brought Yigit out of the hall. Erdogan smiled.
„It hangs together, it can not be otherwise,“ said Yigit, who claims to have lived in Germany for 36 years. Already last year there was already a corresponding decision. But the head of the Hamburg Immigration Office promised him that they would find a solution.

Now, just one month after his protest at the Chancellery, the extension of his residence permit is being denied, Yigit said. He must now have left the country until January 22, 2019 or he would be deported.
Lack of employment as a reason

First, the „taz“ had reported on the expulsion. Yigit writes for her as a columnist. The article states that the reasons given for expulsion are that the authority states that he is not gainfully employed and does not live with his children.

Yigit publishes the online newspaper Avrupa Postasi in Germany, which critically deals with the Turkish government. „Of course I’m afraid if I’m deported,“ he said. „In Turkey, journalists are silenced.“ After the coup attempt in 2016, the Turkish government has arrested tens of thousands of alleged enemies of the state and closed down many media houses or put them on government lines.