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Germany has decided to tighten the rental price brake

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Tenants should be better able to protect themselves from January from extreme rent increases: A corresponding tightening of the rental price brake has decided the Bundestag. CDU / CSU and SPD voted for the draft of the federal government, AfD and FDP rejected him. Left and Greens abstained.

Among other things, MEPs introduced a duty to provide information to landlords: they must now disclose what the previous tenant paid in order to make it easier for new tenants to determine whether their rent is too high. In order to prevent harassment and the so-called outmodernization, there are future fines for landlords and compensation for affected tenants.

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Refurbishment fee decreases

In addition, landlords may in the future, after a modernization, the costs only limited. The modernization allocation drops from eleven to eight percent. At the same time, for a period of six years, the rent must not rise by more than three euros per square meter of living space following modernization. For apartments with a rent up to seven euros per square meter, it may even be increased by only two euros.

In many conurbations, rents have risen massively in recent years. That’s why the previous government introduced a rental price brake. After the regulations adopted therein had proved to be less effective, agreed CDU / CSU and SPD the now adopted improvements.