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After the resumption of operation of the largest gasoline pipeline in the United States, the US government has announced that the bottlenecks at gas stations in the southeast of the country will soon end. „The end is in sight,“ White House spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki said yesterday. However, it will still take „a few days“ before normality is restored.

Psaki once again called on motorists in the affected regions not to hoard petrol. The „Colonial“ pipeline had been the target of a hacker attack. The US capital Washington was particularly hard hit by the petrol shortage on Friday: 88 percent of the petrol stations there had no fuel at lunchtime (local time), as Patrick De Haan from the market analysis company Gasbuddy announced on the short message service Twitter.

In North Carolina, 65 percent of gas stations ran out of gas; in South Carolina it was 48 percent. Petrol was also in short supply in many other states. According to De Haahn’s data, however, the number of petrol stations in several affected states increased again.