Start Germany Friedrich Merz assures Angela Merkel loyal cooperation

Friedrich Merz assures Angela Merkel loyal cooperation


Presumably Friedrich Merz and Angela Merkel will no longer be best friends after she has disempowered him years ago. But now the CDU politician is approaching the Chancellor. That he wanted a „settlement“ with Merkel, since „all stupid stuff“.

Friedrich Merz at the press conference on his candidacy for the office of party chairman of the CDU.

The candidate for the CDU federal presidency, Friedrich Merz, Chancellor Angela Merkel has promised in the event of his electoral victory a „fair, decent and loyal“ dealings. That would be „completely natural“ for him, said the former Union faction leader on Saturday in Arnsberg-Oeventrop.

Merz spoke as a guest speaker at the district party of the Hochsauerland CDU. The almost 500 delegates wanted to nominate him as a candidate for the successor of party leader Merkel. That he was an „anti-Merkel“ or wanted a „settlement“ with Merkel, was „all stupid stuff,“ said Merz. In 2002, he had had to hand over the EU parliamentary presidency to Merkel.

The change at the head of the CDU would be an „incision“ for the federal CDU, said Merz. The election of the new chairman at the federal party conference in Hamburg on 7 December will be „a profound turning point in the history of our party“. From this, the new chairman must make a chance. For many, the CDU is no longer a modern and forward-looking party. At the same time, Merz spoke in favor of limiting the term of Chancellor and Prime Minister in Germany.

Merz competes with Spahn and Kramp-Karrenbauer for CDU chairmanship

Previously, he had already promised Merkel his full support in an interview. „The cooperation between Angela Merkel and me would be decent, fair and loyal,“ he told the „Rheinische Post“. This would be „completely natural“ for him, he emphasized. „In this case, it would only be about assuming our shared political responsibility.“

After a „mirror“ report Merz Merkel also personally in a telephone call promised that he would strive for a good cooperation. The 62-year-old had lost the group chairmanship to Merkel in 2002 and withdrew from politics in 2009. Since then he had been in business.

Merz competes especially with Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn and CDU General Secretary Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer for the party presidency, after Merkel had declared that she would not run again for this post.
Jens Spahn unanimously nominated by his home association

Spahn was unanimously nominated by his home association, the CDU in Borken in Münsterland, on Friday evening. This was reported by district manager Markus Jasper.

The 38-year-old is chairman of the CDU district association Borken. „In the next few weeks, the CDU will show why it is rightly the only remaining People’s Party in Germany,“ he said after the meeting. All members could get an idea of ​​the candidates, their differences and similarities. „We will discuss the future of our party and our country as intensively as we have not.“

The three most promising candidates for the CDU presidency present themselves in the coming weeks at regional conferences of the party base. The election takes place at the CDU Federal Party Congress in Hamburg on 7 December.

Merz advocates limiting the Chancellor’s term

Kramp-Karrenbauer does not see the CDU chairmanship automatically linked to the next chancellor candidate of the Union. „When you run for the CDU chairmanship, you always have to think about the possibility of a chancellor candidate. But first of all, the party chairmanship is on its own, „the candidate for the CDU chair told the newspapers of the Funke Media Group. At the same time, she emphasized that a CDU chairman would „always have a strong say on the question of the Chancellor candidate.“

Merz spoke in the „Rheinische Post“ for limiting the term of office of the Chancellor: „I am of the opinion that one should in principle not make more than two terms of office, because the tasks and the responsibility cost enormous power and Energy. My main argument, however, is that the change of democracy is good. „Merkel is now in the fourth term chancellor.

Merz demanded „departure and renewal“ for the party. „The CDU must again become a strong People’s Party, anchored in the social center of our country. I do not want a new CDU, but a renewed party with a clearer profile. „That’s the time to start. „Then the CDU will again achieve better election results.“