Start Europe Former Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer advocates the new CSU chairman.

Former Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer advocates the new CSU chairman.


The former CSU country group chief and Minister of Transport Peter Ramsauer has spoken out in favor of Markus Söder as the next CSU chairman. „If the party chairmanship – whatever – is free, Söders access is a must,“ said the member of parliament the newspapers of the spark media group. „Prime Minister and party chairmanship must then again in a hand.“

The planned renunciation of Chancellor Angela Merkel to chair the CDU has also fueled the debate on the future of CSU leader and Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer. In the CSU a decision is expected soon after the formation of a government in Bavaria. Possible date is a meeting Seehofers with the CSU district chairmen, which could take place next weekend.

According to the „Süddeutsche Zeitung“, Söder has long since indicated that he would be ready to take over the party chairmanship. On Monday, the coalition agreement of CSU and Free Voters will be signed in Bavaria, on Tuesday Söder wants to be re-elected head of state in the parliament.

Saarland’s Prime Minister Tobias Hans (CDU) had told WELT that Merkel had given an example of a good departure and that he also wanted Seehofer to do so. Merkel showed how to take responsibility for a bad election result. „The CSU will also have to face this debate. Angela Merkel has managed to make a self-determined departure as party leader, I wish that also the colleague Horst Seehofer, „he said.

In view of the losses for the Union in the elections in Bavaria and then also in Hesse, other CDU politicians Seehofer had suggested a retreat – with a view to the fact that many voters of the significantly fueled by him disputes in the Berlin coalition and especially in the Union had felt repelled.