Start America Foreclosure instead of cooperation – his voters want it that way

Foreclosure instead of cooperation – his voters want it that way


The country is struggling for a topic: opening or foreclosure?

Nobody can pretend that he is uninvolved in renegotiating their influence over the international community. Such a large nation, with its incomparable economic weight and unbeatable military might, causes tremors worldwide when it dispels an internal conflict. Of course, this conflict focuses on the person of the president, but goes much deeper into society. Trump is just the symbol, and the interim election has confirmed the diagnosis: the US is firmly captive in its brutal social controversy. This country wrestles with the central theme of this time: opening or foreclosure, integration or disintegration. Trump’s wall is emblematic of this conflict, which is about nationhood, that is, the protective cloak or identity of the nation.

Indeed, those who think about the integrative phase of world history must go back a hundred years, when President Woodrow Wilson firsthand experienced the Jekyll and Hyde character of his nation. Originally an isolationist himself (the US reluctantly entered the war), it was Wilson who, with his 14 points, created the League of Nations as the forerunner of the United Nations and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. But then he also had to watch as the US just did not join this alliance. The isolationist, disintegrative character of the country was victorious.