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Five banned products of America, in most of country


Do you like to use American products? Don’t you read the nutrition? if so, you should to know about American products that banned in lots of country.

American bleached flour – the bleached flour banned in Europe, Australia an Singapore. This is due to the fact that American food companies unofficially bleached the flour with a chemical compound called “AZO dye carbonamite”. In many countries prefer a more natural approach, and just the flour set. But the  traditional flour making takes a few months, so the American food companies tried to make it fast by using AZO dye carbonamite. The AZO dye can be lead to cancer and asthma. And the scariest thing it can be found in lot of American products such as, bread, pasta and many other flour products. So if you want to buy an American product, you should read the nutrition facts.

Chicken containing antibiotics – American chicken delivery’s largest meat manufacturer Tyson was banned in EU, Russia, Norway and Australia. The government of these countries found that the Tyson chicken was injecting by antibiotics, steroids and other chemical drugs. The danger of the antibiotic is the over use of antibiotic could make the bacteria to become resistant. And because of those bacteria we can be sick. You may ask, “Shouldn’t we choose the Tyson?”. But you don’t have to worry about the Tyson, because they had ceased the use of antibiotics in the chicken farming. However, in EU, Russia, Norway and Australia still banned the Tyson.

Bread with baking powder called “potassium bromate” – with potassium bromate’s help, bread stays fresh and soft for long time. But, it can make headaches, skin rushes, digestive problems and even cancer. Because of this reason, EU, Canada, China, Australia, Brazil and in some other countries are banned potassium bromated n flour. But, unfortunately, the USA still allows the potassium bromate’s usage, so it can be found in most of breads in commercial.

Food with fat substitutes – there is synthetic substitute called “olestra” that contains zero calories and cholesterol – free. It can be found in fat free potato chips, frozen yogurts, and most of mart products with word light. However, Olestra has many negative affects in the body, and increases the non-stopping the appetite. And the time magazine even highlited it “one of the 50 worst inventions of all time”. In Europe and Canada, completely banned the use of Olestra, but still allowed in the USA.

American milk – the American milk is totally banned in lots of countries. But, why? The American manufacturers use different tricks for sales. For example, in order get more milk some cows in the USA are given a growthener. The milk from these cows has been lead to cancer and many other negative effects. That’s why the American milk banned in Norway, Switzerland, New Zealand, Japan, Australia and 29 other Europian countries.