Start Europe Fifa suspended him as a result

Fifa suspended him as a result


A judge from Fifa’s Ethics Commission, Sundra Rooja, has been temporarily arrested on suspicion of corruption in his native Malaysia. The World Football Association suspended the ethics judge with immediate effect. That was announced by Fifa on Wednesday. Previously, the defendant’s lawyer had confirmed that he spent one night in custody from Tuesday to Wednesday.

After Rajoo insisted on enjoying political immunity because of his main job as director of the Asian Arbitration Court, he was initially released. Rajoo, one of two deputy chairmen of the Fifa Ethics Committee’s judicial panel since 2017, pledges to cooperate with the authorities in dealing with his case.

Fifa said a little later that Rajoo „will no longer be involved in any of the trials of the Judicial Chamber with immediate effect“ as long as the investigations are against him. He had also given up his position at the Asian Arbitration Court, according to local media.

According to the reports, he is accused of abusing his position in order to personally enrich himself financially. At the time of his arrest, Rajoo had just returned from Fifa headquarters in Zurich, where he assisted in a corruption case.