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Facebook continues to lose users in Europe

FirmBee / Pixabay

Following the recent data scandals and the impact of the EU Data Protection Regulation (DSVO), Facebook is continuing to lose users in Europe, according to figures announced yesterday. In the past quarter, the number of monthly active members dropped from 376 million to 375 million. Already in the previous quarter, Facebook had lost one million users in Europe.Facebook had already warned that the regulations of the DSVO, which has been in effect since the end of May, will make business in Europe more difficult. The company was plunged into a crisis this year by the data scandal surrounding Cambridge Analytica. Recently, a hacker attack that affected 30 million users caused new negative headlines.
Globally rising numbers

Worldwide, however, the growth of the online network continues. The number of active Facebook users at least once a month increased within two months from 2.23 billion to 2.27 billion.

And advertising revenue also continues to grow significantly, with quarterly revenue up nearly one-third to $ 13.7 billion year-on-year. The profit climbed last by nine percent to just under $ 1.34 billion.