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EU is formally launching the exit


Despite the political turmoil in London and the fight against Prime Minister Theresa May, the EU is formally launching the exit. In Brussels, the crisis is expected to continue until just before the end of March.

 The withdrawal from the European Union scheduled for the end of March 2019 has plunged Great Britain into a deep crisis. On Thursday evening, the political fate of Prime Minister Theresa May was completely unclear, and therefore also that of Brexit. On Thursday morning several ministers resigned who disagree with the exit agreement that May had concluded the previous evening.

Actually, it should be formally decided on 25 November at a special summit in Brussels. The most influential resignation is that of Dominic Raab, who as Brexit minister had negotiated the nearly 600-page agreement itself.

„I can not support this deal with a clear conscience,“ he said on Thursday his step. He endangers the territorial integrity of his country and undermines British sovereignty.

In the EU capital, one is unimpressed by the chaos in London. The approval of May’s Cabinet on Wednesday night’s draft treaty is considered „crucial“ alone. This will keep the whole process going.

„The machine keeps going,“ says an EU diplomat. EU Council President Donald Tusk has begun preparations for the Brexit summit and in the capitals the experts are bowing to the final version of the treaty.