Start Shares Electric mini-helicopters should bring emergency physicians faster to their destination!

Electric mini-helicopters should bring emergency physicians faster to their destination!


Clogged escape routes are a major problem on German motorways. Many victims of traffic accidents can not be helped as quickly as possible. This is one of the reasons why air rescue by helicopter in Germany has been greatly expanded in recent years. However, this is significantly more expensive than the use of classic ambulance cars. The ADAC will therefore test electric mini-helicopters in the future, in order to be able to further expand the air rescue. Already next month, the first test flights will take place in which the practicality of the idea is to be proven.
Computer simulations and test flights evaluate the approach

The mini-helicopters planned for the rescue mission are to offer space for two persons and are driven by 18 electrically driven rotors. Even if a perfect escape route is formed, the ambulance with the new aircraft is usually faster with accident victims than with the ambulance. However, it is still unclear whether the use of Volocopter also makes economic sense. More detailed data should be available after completion of the test flights in one year. At the same time, computer simulations will be carried out at the University of Munich in which the use of electric mini-helicopters will be simulated during concrete accident scenarios. In this way, insights are to be gained in order to decide whether the rescue Volocopter will actually be used permanently.

Ambulance transports are not possible

A successful test phase could be effective far beyond Germany. The ADAC is the first organization in the world to test the use of manned drones in rescue services. Basically, the supply is already first class in Germany. By contrast, many other countries could significantly improve the current situation in rescue services by using the drones. Unlike a classic helicopter, however, only the ambulance is brought to the accident site. A removal of injured persons is not possible with the Volocopter. This must continue to be done classically with the ambulance or a rescue helicopter.