Start Europe Does Basel City also opt for a Röhrli ban?

Does Basel City also opt for a Röhrli ban?


The Basler Parlament sent a motion by Thomas Grossenbacher on prevention, recycling and clean disposal to the government on Wednesday. The cantonal law is to be adapted and measures to be implemented by 2022. The move from Grüner Feder calls for a sweeping waste prevention strategy against the rampant plastic pollution of the Basel government by 2020, including microplastics, the introduction of closed circuits and a ban on disposable plastic. For any additional costs, the polluter pays principle should apply.

FDP and LDP acknowledged problems with plastic waste, but rejected the advance nevertheless: The plastic islands in the sea did not come from Switzerland, local littering is not addressed, and also plastic in waste is technically useful in the refuse incineration. The problem is better to tackle nationwide.

The Green Alliance asked for a yes as a sign of pressure on multinational corporations. The SP warned that plastic had meanwhile penetrated the human food chain; you have to act now. According to the Motionär, every Swiss person fills a bathtub with plastic waste every year.

Although the GLP expressed sympathy for recycling, but because of the prohibition approach against the motion. In the same vein cut the SVP, which then stretched from open Chinese garbage dumps to self-responsibility in Basel.

The initiative was signed by council members from left to right. In the parliamentary plenum, the motion was finally transferred by 55 votes to 38. The government had agreed to accept it. On the basis of its opinion, the Grand Council will then decide whether to definitively transfer the motion as a binding mandate.